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Launching Summer 2024!

Mental Coaching Clinics

Learn to perform and/or teach thirteen challenging mental coaching jumping, dressage and cross-country riding clinics. Unlike any other clinic program, Pressure Proof clinics are designed to help riders control their emotions when their emotions start taking control of them. Curriculum includes confidence and courage-building, along with coping, calming, and concentration techniques to help any jumper, cross country or dressage rider!

There’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed with what’s right with you

Pressure Proof Clinics

by the numbers

13 mental coaching clinics

8 mental coaching concepts 

8 ways to increase clinic challenges

8 clinic safety considerations

3 different clinic sections

3 different riding disciplines 

1 amazing new coach!

Pressure Proof Clinic Curriculum

All modules available 2/1/2024

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